Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Donations, music video and Nor Cal Weimaraner Rescue Gala

I was thrilled by a wonderful surprise at my buddy Grumpy's house yesterday. Grumpy's mom Doreen left so much goodies for me - a brand new crate, a hip zebra doggie mattress, and a LOT of treats!

Jennifer and I agreed that we will donate the pink PetMate crate and some of the treats to a small dog rescue. Please let us know if your rescue or know anyone who is in need of a small crate (23"x15"x11", fits cats and small dogs). I love the doggie mattress too much and have been sleeping on it ever since so I'm keeping it :) Thank you Grumpy, Doreen and Joe! 
I let my sister Sally try out the zebra bed and she loves it too!
This Sunday Nov 7 I will be attending Northern California Weimaraner Rescue's 7th Annual Weim Country Gala at the beautiful Trentadue Winery in Geyserville, CA. I'll be there representing Sirius Republic, which will be raising money for the rescue. I look forward to partying with my Weimeranaer pals!

Weimaraners, celebrities (me, Chilly) and pupparazzi will gather at the 7th Annual Weim Country Gala
I was featured as a "Super (dog collar) Model" in Sirius Republic's video, along with my brother Guinness the Doberman and many other fabulous doggie models. Check it out:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Surgery and my ADOPTION!

I have already shared the news on Facebook and Sirius Republic's fan page, but all the excitement made me forget to update my blog. So to all my friends who have not heard the news: I have been adopted as of October 1, 2010!
Life is good when you have a family that loves you back.   
Yes my foster family has made me a permanent member and I cannot be happier to share the rest of my life with them. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged, supported, and loved me throughout my search for my forever home, including almost 3 years spent living at the animal shelter. Without you, I would not be here today as many of you know, years of living at the animal shelter, plus being adopted and returned numerous times have made me very stressed and depressed, which almost ended my life (by euthanasia) four months ago.

Anyhow, fast forward and here I am, at 9 years of age, finally finding my very own family that will love and care for me, always.
Taking a break from playing fetch, my favorite game.
First order of business after my adoption was surgery to remove a suspicious purple growth on my chest. I didn't like it one bit but I'm a brave girl. The procedure took place last Friday and it was successful. I was stressed out when my family left me alone at the vet but I'm happy it didn't take all day as the vet said it would. Also I enjoyed all the attention and treats my family has given me both pre- and post surgery. Check out my chest now, growth-free with 6 shiny metal staples!

I'm a brave girl!
In the car after my surgery, happy to be going home. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm on TV!

I was napping, all relaxed and comfortable, then Jennfer's scream interrupted my sleep.
She was shouting, jumping up and down, pointing at the television set. There I was on KOFY TV, looking like a very good girl, sitting on KOFY TV's red couch. It was filmed recently at Bay to Barkers, a fundraiser for Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, which I attended with Jennifer and Sirius Republic.
Here's the video, check it out:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day long weekend and a BBQ

Hope you had a nice long weekend. I did and also took yesterday off to recover.
On Sunday Jennifer went to look at some bodies at the Bodies Revealed Exhibition in Sacramento, California. I'm not impressed because since dogs are not allowed inside, I had to stay home while she selfishly enjoyed a whole day out! Also I had to hear about how great this exhibition was for hours in the evening.
Jennifer, Kristina and Nada at the Bodies Revealed Exhibition in Sacramento, CA
Monday was much better, I was invited to a BBQ, along with the rest of the dogs.
BBQ meat, my favorite!
Food was delicious! But humans were regulating who can eat what, so I had to create my own opportunities. Thankfully they were too busy yapping most of the time, so I helped myself to some ribs on an unguarded plate. Man it was good! They caught me later on but that's ok, it was so worth it!
Guinness and I did a lot of begging at the dinner table.
Guinness begging on camera while I worked on someone else.
One of my more effective begging faces, good for my tummy!
These two were useless! Lazies.
Even Squeaky chipped in and worked on the humans.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My first camping trip (Video)

Last week I went on my first camping trip, to Lake Del Valle in Livermore, California. The weather could not have been more beautiful and I had a great time!
Getting ready to jump in after my ball - I LOVE swimming!
Humans forgot our balls one day, so we fetched sticks.
My foster brother Guinness and I went swimming in the lake everyday. We loved playing fetch in the water, wrestling with each other, and exploring the great outdoors!
Listening to the sounds of nature in the morning light outside our tent.
A tired, muddy, and very happy Guinness.
Let me fetch some more...in water

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cute like an OTTER

Hi! Chilly here, long time no blog, what can I say, been too busy with all the responsibilities that comes with being the popular pooch that I am.
Last Friday Aug. 13, I went with Jennifer to the East Bay SPCA. She was invited to speak to 20 summer camp participants about her business Sirius Republic. As usual I was the highlight of the program. I had a great time meeting new friends and showing off my tricks for treats.
There I am in the middle being surrounded by my fans :D
For fun, I went swimming at my friend Grumpy's house. I never swam before but now it's one of my favorite things to do!
Fetching and swimming - at the same time, oh boy, it doesn't get better than this!
I also attended several dog rescue events in the past month, helping to raise money for saving homeless dogs. I made many new friends who are also my fans at the Bay to Barkers benefiting Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society and Petapalooza event at Autobody Fine Art benefiting several rescue groups.
Getting a big kiss from Neven at the Bay to Barkers event.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fireworks & new friends

Thank you for all your concerns and support on Independence Day, I got through it and humans said I was very brave - in fact, I was calmer than Guinness my foster brother sometimes.
Happy Independence Day, from my foster brother Guinness.
The festivities were a bit much for the party animal!

I did bark a lot but not everytime I heard fireworks, by the end of the night, I even slept through some of them. I was happy to be with many humans and not at the animal shelter like before.
By the end of the night, I slept through some fireworks!

Foster humans introduced me to their families and we had barbeque. I showed everyone my tricks and they were very impressed with me. I gave out many kisses.
"Are we there yet?!?" We were on our way to the family 4th of July barbeque. 

I also met Squeaky, one of the smallest dogs I have ever seen. She's older than me and a bit grumpy. Well she loves people but not members of her own kind, especially Guinness, whom she refuses to associate with. But I was a good girl and she accepted me - Guinness remains to be her least favorite in the family.
This is Squeaky. She doesn't bark, but squeaks!

As far as people go, I like everyone I met and I think they like me back, except maybe one person who's a bit scared of me because I'm part Pitbull. He's never really met one before. Jennifer said not to worry and that I'm so sweet I would help change another misinformed mind in no time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Doggy wash, mud play, AWESOME weekend

Happy Monday! Chilly here, hoping you had a fantastic weekend, as I did.
On Saturday my foster brother Guinness and I went to a dog wash, organized by Jennifer's friends at Dusty Paws Rescue to raise funds to help homeless dogs, like I used to be (well, I'm still looking for my forever home).

Many dirty dogs were in line waiting to be bathed and pampered by volunteers when we arrived. Everyone was so nice and I enjoyed all the attention and treats they gave me. I also loved every second of the full-service wash, 5 humans including Dusty Paws founder Diane scrubbed, rinsed, brushed, and dried me. They even dressed us in cool Dusty Paws Rescue orange bandanas.

But we didn't stay clean for long, less than 24 hours later, Guinness and I went to the park to play and got dirty wrestling in the muddy grass. We were having so much fun that the humans didn't even stop us! We were two dirty, happy dogs!
We also each got new collars because our old ones got muddy, like us :)

I can box like a champ! Maybe I'm part Boxer?

I got your neck- whatcha gonna do now Guinness?!?

Woahhh Guinness you mad Doberman!
When we're not playing, Guinness likes to "hold" my paw. He's a big goofball and I love him!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Pack Pitbull Rescue, HSSV and crate-training

Yesterday I went to a dog park social session for Pitbulls at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (HSSV). Even though I didn't get to play with other dogs (because you need to be screened first to participate), I still had a good time hanging out with my 2-legged friends.

The session is hosted by Our Pack Inc.-a Pitbull rescue and advocacy group-and HSSV. It offers a safe, fun setting for pitbulls to play with each other, under the supervision of trainers and staff from both organizations.

It looked like great fun and we got to meet Marthina McClay, founder of Our Pack. She is just awesome and we all love her. Here are 2 of her dogs-Dexter and Posie-at the park, aren't they absolutely adorable?!?

I am working to be comfortable being inside a crate, which I don't care for at this time. But I do like the yummy treats it makes :) Foster human said we're going to take small steps and I promise I'll try my best. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Ok time for a quick nap while foster human makes some collars on her sewing machine-I'm beginning to like the sound of this machine, makes me sleepy.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sailboats and new friends

Hi! Chilly here, and I have so much to share about my grrreat weekend.

We went to a harbor on the Peninsula and since I'm a waterdog I loved it because it was surrounded by the Bay! I even got on a sailboat for a little while! Too bad I couldn't go swimming but my foster humans said they'll take me to Del Valle Regional Park where I can go in the water.

Yesterday Jennifer took me to her friend Judy's house where I met some new friends - Popeye, Phoebe, and Boomer - and we played fetch.

Popeye is just like me - a foster dog. Judy rescued him from Taiwan, where Popeye was born. They call him a special-needs dog because he only has 2 front legs. But don't let that fool you, he's fast and furious! I think if he had 4 legs, he may beat me at fetch.

Popeye gets around on this cart with 2 big wheels and a license plate that reads "4 Legs is Just Greedy"! He even has his own website and Facebook page too.

Ok it's time for a quick nap then I'm off to the park. Have a fantastic day everyone!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

If you throw, I will run! And new collar

I love to fetch, but I won't fetch just any ball, it has to be MY tennis ball, which I keep in my foster human Jennifer's car, right on the passenger seat.

Yesterday I went to the park with Jennifer and one of my foster sisters Sally - she was a foster dog just like me before Jennifer adopted her.
Oh boy I had a great time playing fetch. Sally doesn't know how to play, so I had to show her but I'm not sure if she got it, she just ran after me barking like a mad dog! Very well, she only has one eye and it has cataract so she can't see much. Here's a picture Jennifer took of us while we took a break from playing.

I also went to work with Jennifer. We were busy but I took a nap while she made some dog collars on the sewing machine for her customers. After I went to the post office with her to ship them out. Jennifer was VERY impressed with how good and un-stressed I was. She believes it's because of my foster siblings. I agree, I like having other nice doggies like Sally around.

Jennifer also made a new collar and matching leash for me. It's called Sunny, here a picture of me wearing it.

Ok time to go to work again. After work, Jennifer is going to her volunteer shift at the East Bay SPCA and I'm going with her. I don't care to go back but I am happy to see my favorite people!

Oh I almost forget, I'm so happy to be making so many new friends on Facebook. Thank you for being my friend and have a happy day!