Monday, June 28, 2010

Doggy wash, mud play, AWESOME weekend

Happy Monday! Chilly here, hoping you had a fantastic weekend, as I did.
On Saturday my foster brother Guinness and I went to a dog wash, organized by Jennifer's friends at Dusty Paws Rescue to raise funds to help homeless dogs, like I used to be (well, I'm still looking for my forever home).

Many dirty dogs were in line waiting to be bathed and pampered by volunteers when we arrived. Everyone was so nice and I enjoyed all the attention and treats they gave me. I also loved every second of the full-service wash, 5 humans including Dusty Paws founder Diane scrubbed, rinsed, brushed, and dried me. They even dressed us in cool Dusty Paws Rescue orange bandanas.

But we didn't stay clean for long, less than 24 hours later, Guinness and I went to the park to play and got dirty wrestling in the muddy grass. We were having so much fun that the humans didn't even stop us! We were two dirty, happy dogs!
We also each got new collars because our old ones got muddy, like us :)

I can box like a champ! Maybe I'm part Boxer?

I got your neck- whatcha gonna do now Guinness?!?

Woahhh Guinness you mad Doberman!
When we're not playing, Guinness likes to "hold" my paw. He's a big goofball and I love him!

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