Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fireworks & new friends

Thank you for all your concerns and support on Independence Day, I got through it and humans said I was very brave - in fact, I was calmer than Guinness my foster brother sometimes.
Happy Independence Day, from my foster brother Guinness.
The festivities were a bit much for the party animal!

I did bark a lot but not everytime I heard fireworks, by the end of the night, I even slept through some of them. I was happy to be with many humans and not at the animal shelter like before.
By the end of the night, I slept through some fireworks!

Foster humans introduced me to their families and we had barbeque. I showed everyone my tricks and they were very impressed with me. I gave out many kisses.
"Are we there yet?!?" We were on our way to the family 4th of July barbeque. 

I also met Squeaky, one of the smallest dogs I have ever seen. She's older than me and a bit grumpy. Well she loves people but not members of her own kind, especially Guinness, whom she refuses to associate with. But I was a good girl and she accepted me - Guinness remains to be her least favorite in the family.
This is Squeaky. She doesn't bark, but squeaks!

As far as people go, I like everyone I met and I think they like me back, except maybe one person who's a bit scared of me because I'm part Pitbull. He's never really met one before. Jennifer said not to worry and that I'm so sweet I would help change another misinformed mind in no time.