Thursday, June 17, 2010

If you throw, I will run! And new collar

I love to fetch, but I won't fetch just any ball, it has to be MY tennis ball, which I keep in my foster human Jennifer's car, right on the passenger seat.

Yesterday I went to the park with Jennifer and one of my foster sisters Sally - she was a foster dog just like me before Jennifer adopted her.
Oh boy I had a great time playing fetch. Sally doesn't know how to play, so I had to show her but I'm not sure if she got it, she just ran after me barking like a mad dog! Very well, she only has one eye and it has cataract so she can't see much. Here's a picture Jennifer took of us while we took a break from playing.

I also went to work with Jennifer. We were busy but I took a nap while she made some dog collars on the sewing machine for her customers. After I went to the post office with her to ship them out. Jennifer was VERY impressed with how good and un-stressed I was. She believes it's because of my foster siblings. I agree, I like having other nice doggies like Sally around.

Jennifer also made a new collar and matching leash for me. It's called Sunny, here a picture of me wearing it.

Ok time to go to work again. After work, Jennifer is going to her volunteer shift at the East Bay SPCA and I'm going with her. I don't care to go back but I am happy to see my favorite people!

Oh I almost forget, I'm so happy to be making so many new friends on Facebook. Thank you for being my friend and have a happy day!

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  1. Oh, Chilly, you always were particular about your tennis balls. Looks like that hasn't changed. How special you are to get a collar designed just for you-but of course, you are special. You sure are living the good life. Can't wait to see you at the shelter. We'll go for a walk so your stay won't seem as long.