Monday, October 18, 2010

Surgery and my ADOPTION!

I have already shared the news on Facebook and Sirius Republic's fan page, but all the excitement made me forget to update my blog. So to all my friends who have not heard the news: I have been adopted as of October 1, 2010!
Life is good when you have a family that loves you back.   
Yes my foster family has made me a permanent member and I cannot be happier to share the rest of my life with them. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged, supported, and loved me throughout my search for my forever home, including almost 3 years spent living at the animal shelter. Without you, I would not be here today as many of you know, years of living at the animal shelter, plus being adopted and returned numerous times have made me very stressed and depressed, which almost ended my life (by euthanasia) four months ago.

Anyhow, fast forward and here I am, at 9 years of age, finally finding my very own family that will love and care for me, always.
Taking a break from playing fetch, my favorite game.
First order of business after my adoption was surgery to remove a suspicious purple growth on my chest. I didn't like it one bit but I'm a brave girl. The procedure took place last Friday and it was successful. I was stressed out when my family left me alone at the vet but I'm happy it didn't take all day as the vet said it would. Also I enjoyed all the attention and treats my family has given me both pre- and post surgery. Check out my chest now, growth-free with 6 shiny metal staples!

I'm a brave girl!
In the car after my surgery, happy to be going home. 

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