Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm on TV!

I was napping, all relaxed and comfortable, then Jennfer's scream interrupted my sleep.
She was shouting, jumping up and down, pointing at the television set. There I was on KOFY TV, looking like a very good girl, sitting on KOFY TV's red couch. It was filmed recently at Bay to Barkers, a fundraiser for Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, which I attended with Jennifer and Sirius Republic.
Here's the video, check it out:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day long weekend and a BBQ

Hope you had a nice long weekend. I did and also took yesterday off to recover.
On Sunday Jennifer went to look at some bodies at the Bodies Revealed Exhibition in Sacramento, California. I'm not impressed because since dogs are not allowed inside, I had to stay home while she selfishly enjoyed a whole day out! Also I had to hear about how great this exhibition was for hours in the evening.
Jennifer, Kristina and Nada at the Bodies Revealed Exhibition in Sacramento, CA
Monday was much better, I was invited to a BBQ, along with the rest of the dogs.
BBQ meat, my favorite!
Food was delicious! But humans were regulating who can eat what, so I had to create my own opportunities. Thankfully they were too busy yapping most of the time, so I helped myself to some ribs on an unguarded plate. Man it was good! They caught me later on but that's ok, it was so worth it!
Guinness and I did a lot of begging at the dinner table.
Guinness begging on camera while I worked on someone else.
One of my more effective begging faces, good for my tummy!
These two were useless! Lazies.
Even Squeaky chipped in and worked on the humans.