Monday, June 21, 2010

Sailboats and new friends

Hi! Chilly here, and I have so much to share about my grrreat weekend.

We went to a harbor on the Peninsula and since I'm a waterdog I loved it because it was surrounded by the Bay! I even got on a sailboat for a little while! Too bad I couldn't go swimming but my foster humans said they'll take me to Del Valle Regional Park where I can go in the water.

Yesterday Jennifer took me to her friend Judy's house where I met some new friends - Popeye, Phoebe, and Boomer - and we played fetch.

Popeye is just like me - a foster dog. Judy rescued him from Taiwan, where Popeye was born. They call him a special-needs dog because he only has 2 front legs. But don't let that fool you, he's fast and furious! I think if he had 4 legs, he may beat me at fetch.

Popeye gets around on this cart with 2 big wheels and a license plate that reads "4 Legs is Just Greedy"! He even has his own website and Facebook page too.

Ok it's time for a quick nap then I'm off to the park. Have a fantastic day everyone!

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  1. Oh, Chilly what an exciting life you are leading, new friends, new experiences. You go girl. Hopefully, this is just the beginning.