Sunday, June 13, 2010

My foster home and battle plan

Hi I'm Chilly, and I suffer from separation anxiety, which is the reason that I became a possible candidate for euthanasia at the East Bay SPCA recently. It's really not my fault, if you didn't know, living in a kennel mostly alone in an animal shelter for almost 2 years can make you a little stir-crazy, and that's what happened to me.

I'm a 8-year-old rescue pitbull girl. I came to the East Bay SPCA when my first family gave me up because I was scared of thunderstorms. Yeah that was pretty lame, I mean who isn't scared of thunderstorms?!? But I guess that's how it goes sometimes. I was then adopted twice but returned both times, mostly due to my anxiety, which makes me stressed and sometimes exhibit some bad behaviors, like barking and destroying stuff.

I'm not that bad, really. I completed advanced obedience training and know many commands. All the volunteers love me and think I'm one of the best dogs they know. I am so obedient and sweet that they chose me to serve as the nonprofit's spokesdog in their many classes where they teach children about animals. I love to play fetch; I can play all day if you let me. But these days I don't get to play that often anymore because of my arthritis.

Anyway about my possible euthanasia - some volunteers were very surprised and sad when they learned that I could possibly be put down in several days. They were determined to save me and that's how I got out of the shelter and into my current foster home.

My foster human Jennifer and I go way back. She took me to my advanced obedience training class at the shelter a year ago and I impressed her totally. I was the most obeident student in that class and carried out my commands beautifully. She was very proud of me and has been since then. She shows me off whenever she has an audience.
I'm very happy to be living here in my foster home, but I still need a forever home to call my own. In the next 30 days, Jennifer and I will be working together to improve my anxiety. I will be re-evaluated to determine my adoptability after that so it's very important that I improve.

I'll do my best I promise; it's not going to be easy, but together we can do it. I need all the support I can get, please join me on my journey by becoming my friend on Facebook (Chilly Fosterdog) and reading my blog. Thank you for your support and love!


  1. Chilly you are becoming a celebrity - well deserved. Those of us who love you will do everything we can to help you succeed in your journey. Thanks to Jennifer you are off to a very good start. Love your blog.

  2. I keep hearing great things about your progress. Keep up the good work.